Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Levers March on

S&T visit Broadway 26th Jan

Today's first task was to fit the Catch Rods and Catch Rod handles to the levers.
We had previously match marked these so that we knew they should go together
without too much hassle and that all the colours matched.
Pushing the levers into their locked positions now gives the typical satisfying "clang"!

The next task was to fit the Lever Tail Wheels down in the Locking room. These are attached
To the levers as part of the signal wire adjusters which will eventually be fitted to the
floor upstairs. This allows the tension in the wires operating the signals which are located a
long way from the box to be adjusted to compensate for expansion/contraction of the wire.

We then fitted the brackets to the lever frame which will support the locking trays. More about this
in due course.

One omission from the last blog ( if anyone noticed it) was mention of the Yellow Lever ( no 45)
This will operate the distant signal.

We now eagerly await the installation of the electrics in the signal box so that we can continue
with further work at Broadway.

Richard C.

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