Wednesday, 29 June 2016

S & T do a bit more at Broadway

Tuesday 28th June

Seven S & T at Broadway today. Three tasks undertaken. Now that all 9 locking trays have been fitted we needed to clean and oil up all the slots for the brass locks and make sure that they move smoothly. Although the trays are pretty rust free, they have gathered a layer of grime which had to be removed - 720 slots in all . This picture shows the before and after swabbing with solvent and oiling up.

And a picture of the full set with Malcolm explaining the finer points of locking to Len

The second task of the day was to make a start tidying up and palletising the concrete cable channels and lids currently littering the northern end of the site. These having been retrieved form Network Rail at  Honeybourne after the Cotswold line re-doubling project. Carl S, Keith L  and Peter B (our American volunteer from Hawaii) were despatched to begin the ' heavy work'! The object is to re-stack them in batches of 20 on unbroken pallets on flat ground so that they can be easily fork lifted as required when the routing of cables is decided around the station area.

Using the pick-up to carry them to the pallets and then stacking on flat ground, hopefully out of the way of immediate operations

Done a few, many more to go:

The third task was to make a start on fitting the brackets to the floor girders in the locking room which will support the boarding which will block off the rodding tunnel from marauding wildlife etc.
Many slots will need cutting to accommodate the rods and wires in due course. Not sure how much draught it will keep out of upstairs though. ( Sorry no pictures of this - will attempt to do better next