Monday, 11 November 2013

Well, here we go!

About two weeks ago I said to Malcolm  "Today will be my last  funday before I need to plan for our winter departure to sunnier climes"  I managed another day and then another one and of course the very useful Volunteer meeting last Saturday - and just a   few hours after that! .
So you might by now understand that my leave pass has been cancelled ufn by the Gov'nor.
We gotta be ready for the Ferry to Bilbao.

Happy to report that we now have a better understanding of the innards of the pax and I have  cleared 3 separate  faults  and got Todd 35 and 36 working, but not 42 the Steamy Coach.
Sorry chaps its dis outside so I've passed my report to Neil to deal.

For now its signing off time, I will be back when the swallows return in the Spring.

Merry Christmas to all our readers

Mike S

Friday, 1 November 2013


You might have sensed the frustration from my last visit.
Bit like horse riding when you fall off you just have to get back on and learn some more. I went back again today and altered the tagging as per discussions, you may remember"Those who Know"   and it worked!
Learnt quite a bit, I wish those who did it long ago had had the drawings that we now have - they could have wired it correctly first of all.
At least one extension is back and working 35 and probably 36 as well.
Next job Tie line 10 but that might have to wait a while

Mike S