Sunday, 18 October 2015

Progress is good

Someone once said that steady progress in the right direction will get you there faster that dashing hither and thither. Our little Blog does get a bit delayed at times but we are glad to shout out loud when we have something in particular to show

Here we can see the final assembly of the Route Indicator signal for Broadway, its quite a lump and the bits are somewhat unusual such that it was felt best to assemble it here and then transport it, intactum as they say, to site.
Hmm,,,,,,,probably a bit large for the pickup.

Elsewhere in the yard and in the meantime, the painting continues

Here we have Carl Smart and Richard Collier duelling away to see who can finish the white bit first.

Not quite sure whether this was before or after the last pic but you can also see the continuing work to assemble the bracket signal , another bigger lump and again for Broadway.
On the telecoms side we still plan to replace the concentrators in both Winchcombe and Toddington signal boxes during this close season.
That will make a total of 4 new ones, all to the same design and operating methods and looking in period for our 'boxes; but with  completely new and standardised components.

Mike S