Tuesday, 26 May 2015

S & T at Toddington 26th May

Today's task was to install the levers and connect the demonstration signals
for the ex Wotton Under Edge box on the west side of Toddington car park.

John P with much cursing and scraped knuckles assembled the levers shackles
and signal wires to the frame which then took a 4 man lift to lower the assembly
Into position

Andy P, John P, Carl S, Malcolm W, Keith L & Mike S surveying a job well done - well
almost - still need to connect the ground signal once the concrete fixing block for the
pulley wheels has set. 

Great to see magnificent P & O glide past back to base while we were grafting!


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Lets get the Terminology right!

All the way through the last post I referred to the uprights as poles. That reflects my Post Office background  .
On re-reading my Cornishman I realise that i should have referred to them as Post's .  
Apologies to Malcolm, I guess it will cost me chocolate biscuits on Tuesday!

   Mike S