Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Lets get it all cleared out!

The first day back after the Christmas Holiday and a really good turnout as you will see later.

The first job was to clear away all the s&t cabling from where pway will re-lay the track through Winchcombe Station during the shutdown period.
Jim Price and John Protherough unbolting a trackside pulley wheel.

 Malcolm W with Carl  Smith and Len Williamson

Keith Livall coiling up scrap signal wire, its galv steel and not worth much but it all goes off to the scrapman. The electrical cabling for the signal lamps and the track circuits was also all cleared away and the remaining signal wires tied back so as not to interfere with the platform extension brickies

As I said, almost a full turnout this morning

Sorry if I didnt quite catch everyone as they worked but here we all are, apart from me behind the camera.

Afterwards the scaffolding was all loaded onto a pickup and taken down to Racecourse to refurbish  two signals.  I didnt think to send the camera.

Mike S

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