Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Cabinet Update

Tuesday 30th June

Hope I'm not overloading you with lineside cabinet stuff, but here's another transformation courtesy of Neil C. 
This is the before and after of the cabinet at signal 25 at Toddington:

All cabinets between Far Stanley and Toddington have now been serviced and painted. So we should have a reliable system when we run. 
All signal box equipment will need to be tested in due course - including the checking of every nut, bolt and split pin, etc - several days work I'm sure. 

No more cabinets for now! 


Monday, 15 June 2020

Track Circuit Batteries

Monday 15th June

Courtesy of Neil C here is the answer to a previous blog question regarding the "white box" in the lineside cabinet. Inside there are two 2v  25AH cells, a float charging circuit and the track feed resistor.

Having seen a picture of the rails on one of the other blogs there appears to be a good coating of rust - I suspect a bit of running will be required to get the circuits working effectively. 

These are the cells:

Hope you enjoyed this exciting blog! 


Sunday, 7 June 2020

Excellent Metalwork

Sunday 7th June

And now for something completely different 
which I would like to share. 
In Pershore we have a blacksmith who has constructed some excellent metalwork for various buildings in the town. The one which I am particularly impressed with is a memorial to horses which were used in both world wars. 
The horse in the picture below is almost completely constructed from horseshoes welded together. The attendent soldier is fabricated from sheet metal. Both of these are pretty realistic.

If you are likely to visit Pershore I would recommend a having a look at this in the Abbey Park.
Hope this distraction from railway matters gives a little light relief!

Regards to all


Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Spot The Difference

Wednesday 3rd June

A brief blog from S & T just to keep the juices flowing!

Neil C (ops manager) has sent me a couple of photos from his recent walk up the line from Far Stanley to Toddington to check on and tidy up lineside cabinets. The one shown below is T1 at Toddington.

Here is the 'before'

And here is the after

Quite an improvement!

Regards - Curly