Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tuesday 7th July- S&T at Winchcombe

An unusual start to the day with operations being disrupted by bees.
Working by the side of the MSC shed was risky because a swarm of bees
have taken residence inside the end of one of the recently painted
Bracket signal dollies. So if anyone needs a swarm for their hive
they know where to look! (making the assumption that they are
honey bees)

Re-conditioning of signalling equipment continues at a pace with 6 of us
on site today. Richard C, John P and Keith L attacking another 26ft post.
This took most of the day to wire brush with angle grinders and then paint
with primer. Luckily it stayed dry.


Andy P has time off from lineside drainage duties to re-condition a lineside
electrical cabinet. Makes a change from digging ballast and silt.

A ground signal post received its top coat of black gloss.

We are running out of space to mount parts for painting - here you will see
 a selection of balance weight arms and ladder fixings hanging from
hooks under the MSC shed "awning"

And finally a mention of the sterling work that Mike S is doing with tidying up the
Phone system. Here he is with the wall mounted phones that have been moved from the 
Top of the PAX UNIT