Tuesday, 26 May 2020

A Few Moving Pictures

Sunday 10th May

Trawling through the many pictures I have on my phone I have come across a few short videos that may be of interest.
The first is of the pointwork at Broadway South as we were installing the ground frame. The detection bars had not yet been installed but this shows the operation of the Facing Point Lock (I think the voice in the background is mine!)


The next one is a very short clip of Steve and his JCB dragging a rather delapidated Stop Block out of the brambles in Winchcombe yard.
This, if I am correct, ended up at the top of Broadway Head shunt.


And finally the testing of the re-installed point motor at Toddington after the track replacement in March 2017.
Here we have all the detection bars operating and with Malcolm W in charge!


Looking forward to getting back into action!

Regards to all