Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Answers and more News

Well, we have a question and it  seems like I should know but being a 'phone man I don't so I asked the powers that be and sure enough I got a succinct answer

"The best I can find is that BR(WR) started painting posts with aluminium paint (black bottom section) in the 50s.  Since we are broadly aiming to recreate the 30s/40s then black and white is correct for us.


Neil Carr BSc(Hons)
GWSR Operations Manager 
If I was good at blogging then perhaps it could have been posted as a response but I am a mere mortal.
Thanks however for the question- it goes to show that our pageview statistics are not just automatic web crawlers!

In the meantime, since I last looked, the post has been squared off, the base plate has been cut to size and delivered so the Base Plate and Flanges now await welding not only that, but I am reliably informed this will erected nicely in time for the Steam Gala. 
That is welding, floods and anything else permitting.

Meanwhile back in the dusty depths of S&T The workers have been getting on with the point rodding brackets for Broadway, in fact you could almost say that we are now awash with them. After we had split down the 6 way units we inherited, they now become
  The four way, three way, and then the two ways that we need. By Crikey we will be busy!

Well done chaps! and welcome back to Richard E who ventured across the yard this very afternoon, dont forget the gate code, see you soon Richard.

Mike S


Monday, 5 May 2014

Slow and Steady Progress

Spent quite a bit of time in the last couple of weeks trying to get things ready for the first of our new Concentrators to be installed.
This will be at Gotherington- you may ask why? The reason is that the older unit (that 2+4 GPO unit) is in the sort of wooden box that we need to be able to reuse later on! And they are a bit in short supply. Watch out C&W we might be asking you to do some more of those tip top varnishing jobs for us!.

So here's a pic of what we started with ( Its actually a teleprinter Key and Lamp type unit of about 1950 or so)
Which changed internally to the all electronic version shown below

Shortly we hope to report that its working away nicely and you can enjoy its many little advancements.
Just to be serious though, the project has taken quite a lot of man hours and worn out quite a few of Mr Olivers brain cells, However he does remain confident that the next ones will be much easier.

In the meantime, back at the Ranch aka Winchcombe Yard, Progress continues on point rodding rollers. We seem to have an awful lot of 6way ones but we only need a max of 4 way for Broadway so lets take 'em apart and reassemble them

Good ol' Carl Smith getting on with it.

Meanwhile, across the Yard a discussion continues re the Broadway Bracket
Richard C, Andy P, John P and Malcolm of course

I am told that the base plate has almost completed cutting to size, then for the welding and we are away.
Best wishes for  speedy recovery to Richard E and to Keith- Keith argued with  a four legged cow and the cow won. Get well soon both of you, we need those rollers finished and Toddington Steps.

Mike S