Saturday, 2 January 2016

The Pressure is on!

A bit of a gap since the last post so I thought we had better do an update.
We shortly expect (Feb) to be handed the keys to the new Broadway Box so that installation  can start. In the meantime we have lots of signal levers which need  a final cleaning off and painting to do.
First we have to clean off the older preservative primer

and then we can start to re apply the three coats that each one needs.

We also check before painting that the levers are clearly numbered ready for their postions in the Lever Frame.
There's a lot to do, as those of you who saw the pre -assembled frame at Winchcombe or at Broadway will know the size of it.

December is not a good month for doing outdoor painting so Len, thats Len above, sends his thanks to Bldg Services for the loan of a nice dry workshop.

On a sunnier note I found these pics of the installation of the "play signal" at Toddington and a well known culprit testing it out!

 Keith and John P getting it sorted

 Go on andy, give it some welly!!

Very best wishes to all our readers and  a Happy and Healthy new Year for 2016

Mike S

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