Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Signal Dressing

Tuesday 27th June

Seven of us off to Broadway today to get some, if not all of the fittings, onto the three signal posts at Broadway North. Quite a truckload of stuff to start with:

We understand that work begins in the next couple of weeks to brick up the access gap in platform 1, so the window of opportunity to truck heavy parts up north will be over - so here we are.
The route indicator signal got our first attention. The main task being to fit its ladder. This is bolted to the two platforms and needs a secure base before using it. We did this by setting it on a substantial piece of sleeper cut-off. We will eventually cast a concrete block with studs as a final fix:

Luckily all bolt holes matched up with both platforms level after a bit of adjustment with many supporting hands: 

Then the fitting of the finial and spectacle plate and signal arm. Once the finial was fitted the other heavier parts were hauled up by rope

And the angle cranks fitted at the bottom of the post to which the signal wires will be connected

A shot of the top end before the signal arm is attached 

And a view of the finished job so far. Down rod, lamp cases and electrics to follow in due course.

Then on to the other two signals at the ends of the platforms, both of which need their ladders fitting. 
These two will not have platforms but safety hoops at the top. We separated into two teams for this starting at the top to fit finials. 

And then working down to to the balance weight assembly

As far as we got today with most of the fittings on . The position  and length of the ladder to platform 1 signal was measured - cut to length but we ran out of time so it will be fitted next visit.
Now beginning to look like a Railway!

 A view looking north from the signal box you can just make out the 3 signals in the distance.

There was the accompanying sound of enthusiastic riveting going on on the station roof  throughout the day - it certainly is a magnificent structure close up.

We haven't got as far as preparing the hole and foundation for the wooden post yet, but now that the spear fencing is complete up to the Evesham road bridge I can reveal its approx position as shown by this block in th foreground :

And finally, as requested by blog reader Graham, a couple of shots of the inside of the Broadway signal box:

PS  We are hoping shortly to acquire some of the parts to move on work in the locking room . These include a locking tray and a number of electric locks. 


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Sorting the Stools

Tuesday 20th June

Six of us in today with several tasks to do.
John P, Carl S and Keith L went off on strimming duty to clear vegetation at Gotherington (morning) and round the signal wires from Winchcombe up to Greet tunnel in the afternoon.

The rodding stools that Malcolm had fabricated a while back have been stored in the MSC shed at Winchcombe waiting for zinc plating. These are the units that will support the point rodding up the side of platform 2 at Broadway. Apparently zinc plating is costed on the weight of the items concerned so we needed to get them off the shelves and count and weigh them. There are two different sizes - one to take a four wheel roller set and one to take a three roller set. Within these sets two different sizes of angle iron was used so we ended up with four different weights. Firstly we laid them all out - a grand total of 87 units

Our colleague Peter B joined us today from Hawaii. He is over in the U.K. for the summer to swell our numbers. Malcolm and Peter made a start laying them out:

Here's the 87

And a close up of one of them - the rollers will be bolted onto the top surface after plating.


The total weight of them is 750kg and they are now boxed up in a large plastic stillage ready for despatch as soon as we have a satisfactory quotation for the plating.

And to round off the day a further 6 lengths of rodding got painted with Rustoleum  (just started the third 5 litre can)  Only a few more to go now!

We have selected a ladder for one of the signals at Broadway north. This needs a bit of modification for attachment to the post. A job for next week. (note the 3 lengths of rodding we have got ready for tomorrow's team!!)


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Even Quieter

Tuesday 6th June

Hardly worth a blog this week , but must keep things ticking over. The boss is on holiday this week so five of us chose a variety of tasks. John P, Carl S and Keith L had arranged to do some strimming to clear the signal wires of vegetation from Toddington signal box.

 Mike S - our qualified PAT tester - decided to check all the electrical power tools and leads in the Building Services Dept. I don't think there were any major issues requiring confiscation!

Which left yours truly with , guess what. -- point rodding. Luckily the rain held off for most of the day so I managed to clean and paint another 5 lengths. This brought the completed pile to 100.

Here's the 100th being added

And the growing pile

I'm afraid I won't be blogging next week.  Off to see some Swiss railways. Will hope to see the whole 138 lengths done when I get back!