Thursday, 19 November 2020

Broadway Signals Update

 Thursday 19th Nov

Just a quick update on Broadway signalling. 

The following is courtesy of Neil C who has been continuing with the electrical work  at Broadway together with Malcolm W while the rest of us are in lockdown.

I can report that all external  signal and electrical connections are now complete.

All signal lamps and track circuits are working.  It is interesting to plot the progress of a train approaching and running through the station by watching the repeater relays operating from the track circuits in the locking room (8  in all at Broadway and 2 for the Toddington /Broadway section )  - eventually of course there will be indicating lights on the diagram above the levers upstairs to show train position - plenty of work still to do! 

This picture is of Neil C wiring the twin ground signals at the base of the direction indicator signal (north end, platform 1 side of headhunt)

And Malcolm W fitting the lampcases

Malcolm W aloft on the direction indicator oiling the route indicator slides and fitting the lamp cases:

I shall be interested to see how the twin LED's in this case highlight the UP M / DN M letters through the frosted glass screen.

You'll have to wait until I get back for an answer to that.

In answer to a question on an earlier blog about the opening of the signal box, a commissioning date is set for early 2022. So we have just over a year to get it all sorted - read all about it in The Cornishman (assuming you have a copy of course!) 


Thursday, 5 November 2020


 Thursday 4th Nov

Just a quick note about some work I forgot to mention.  John P and I went to Gotherington on Oct 20th while the boss was on holiday to have a go at clearing some undergrowth from signal wires after a report that the wire from the distant signal was struggling to return to the normal position. I think this signal has the longest wire run on the railway.

It turns out that the wires from the station towards Winchcombe are copiously encased in brambles and other vegetation. 

No sign of any signal wires  under this lot !

A bit more work required here - we cleared about 150 yards towards the station from the old concrete sleeper park but there's still more serious de-brambling to do.


Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Mission Accomplished

 Tuesday 3rd Nov

Afraid I was not able to attend today - having to isolate for a hospital visit on Wed - but the stalwart team of Malcolm W, John P and Neil C completed the Broadway bracket. Signal lamps all connected up and working, balance weights fitted and signal wires connected - looks good with the scaffolding removed! 

Looking forward to pulling a lever! 

Photo courtesy of Neil C