Thursday, 14 August 2014

Steady Progress

Two of us, Kevern and I,  spent  Monday morning in Gotherington Locking Room repositioning items , namely the ringing current generator for the newly installed concentrator system.

The spare container from Todd also arrived on Monday- no sorry I don't think you would be impressed by a pic of a grey container!

Into it we (they, I was absent) have started to load the stripped out Levers from the Broadway Frame.

You will remember that the whole Frame has been assembled for some time now, it was the best way to be sure we had all the bits we needed.
Also,  having it assembled meant that detailed measurements could be taken so it should fit when it gets there.

The container will provide secure storage when it gets to site and perhaps also  workshop facilities if we can't squeeze a temporary one into the locking room.  The poor old MSC shed looks a bit disheveled at the moment with the partially stripped frame filling the central area

Work also continues on the smaller dem signal for Toddington.
On the Telecom's  side I have now delivered into stock the first of the Broadway SPT's and with the help of C&W today we have some internal metalwork to hold the pcb cards inside two of the new concentrators.

Very many thanks for that. A little job that was easy for you but saved me hours of hacksawing or worse, spending railway money!

As I said, "Not a lot to see but quite a lot of steady progress"