Friday, 20 February 2015

More Oil

My apologies for the longer than planned break in providing an update on the routine maintenance that our small group undertakes.  I believe the last blog made reference to Sunday 6th April being our third workday in 2014 and since then 2 further cycles were completed during the year with each cycle covering Toddington (1 day), Winchcombe (1 day) and Cheltenham RC + Gotherington (1 day).   Just to make sure we know what we are doing it has been arranged for this to start all over again on Wednesday 11th February, weather permitting.

As well as finding time to drink tea the following photos do show part of the group in action during the 2014 year.

I'm not sure what was being discussed at the time but as can be seen it was

certainly a case of oil cans at the ready.

Bill ensuring that the tube clamp that carries the signal arm pivot is secure

on the Up Advance Starter at Winchcombe.

Bill at ground level giving the signal

balance lever pivot some attention.

Me up above giving some loving care and attention to the Down Inner Home
 bracket signal at Winchcombe.

Roy S (Me) and Peter Hughes (Camera)