Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Apologies, has your scribe been AWOL?

Tuesday 28th April, I've only been away 5 weeks and it seems the Blog has been missed. Before I went I sent invites to several of the depts computer buffs  so that the Word could continue to spread but somehow Google and Blogger just didn't click but  now,,, it can be announced that "Curly" has been admitted to the dizzy heights of blog author along with me Mike S, and Oily Roy.

Whilst I have been away general work has continued. I omitted to show a picture of the raw material that we work with, the descalers were too quick, but here is a general shot of the outside storage area.
You can see that it takes a lot of work to get these bare poles up to this standard ready for the castings to be added. Each item is stripped back to bare metal, primed, undercoated and glossed.
In the end they will look like these ones below which are, of course destined for Broadway, apparently we need another 9 poles in total as well as the bracket that is already in place.
The bracket main pole is on the right. Dollies on the left foreground 
The one on the ground looks forlorn!
In addition, each pole needs a ladder and a hoop

Here we see Richard C and "new Jim" getting on with it. Its all work that has to be done but sadly we can only do it when the weather allows so that's why you can see the smiley faces today.

I cant say too much about it but I understand that "Curly" will be out and about in future with his camera  helping to keep this Blog a bit more up to date especially when I am locked in the depths of signal Box concentrators and strowger telephone systems or just plain on holiday!.

Mike S