Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Levers go in!

Tuesday 19th Jan - S&T invade Broadway Signal Box

Seven of S&T Tuesday gang descended on the Broadway Signal Box to
install the levers in the lever frame. John P and Len crawled through the
rodding tunnel and positioned themselves for the fitting and tightening
of the pivot pin saddles.

Under the expert guidance of Malcolm W we did a final clean of the bores and oil holes in the levers
and lowered them into the frame in the correct colour order (all the levers have already been finish painted in their appropriate colours)

We got about a third fitted by the first tea break

There are 46 lever positions in the frame but there is no lever 29 included. Only 24 of the
levers will be used in the initial phase of operation at Broadway.

By lunchtime we were nearly there after a finger numbing push to get all the levers in

Once the levers are in we had to fit the tread plate support bars - quite a fiddly job getting the
bolts in and tightened. Then the tread plates were slotted in - looks really smart!

The team admiring the result!

Curly C.


  1. Simply Amazing - to create this out of nothing is one of the most outstanding things in the heritage world. Well done to you all. Jon

  2. stunning, something to be very proud of.
    One question, why so many levers?

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    2. The frame was acquired from Aller Junction (near Newton Abbot) some years back as 46 lever set so it has been re-incarnated as was. More of the levers will be put into service as the Broadway layout may develop. Not to mention onward to Honeybourne!! But don't get too excited yet.

    3. Many thanks for the explanation.

  3. Just stunning, a well planned and executed job!

  4. What is the significance of the different coloured levers, please?


    1. Red Levers - Stop and Ground (Shunt) Signals
      Black Levers - Points
      Blue Levers - Facing Point Locks
      White Levers - Spares
      Half Blue/Half Black - Motor operated Point
      Half Red/Half Brown - Acceptance lever for single line working to Toddington

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  6. Looking good guy's. Keep up the good work

  7. Looking good guy's. Keep up the good work