Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Cheltenham Signals

Tuesday 16th Feb

Seven of us today at Cheltenham Racecourse Station.
We have almost finished the re-conditioning of the two platform starter signals - the posts have been
Stripped and repainted and all cleaned and re-painted fittings replaced. Just the ladders to finish with black gloss.
Neil C has reconnected the new 30 pair cable which runs the length of the new platform from the signal box to the bridge. All track circuits, signal repeaters , motor point controls up and working. The cable still needs burying along the base of the platform.

John P, Jim P and Len spent most of the day fitting signal wire pulleys to the base of platform 2, one every 25 feet - drilling and fitting 2 acres with rawlplugs to each one. A further 18 more stakes and pulleys need to be put in up to the new ground signal for the head shunt in due course.

A view of the new ground signal from Hunting Butts

We all missed our colleague Carl S today and wish him a speedy recovery.

Richard C 


  1. The ground signal shown from Hunting Butts isn't a GWR/WR type...?

  2. Thank you Stephen for your sharp-eyed comment. I am told, by those who would know, that because this signal is not generally in public view, we installed an odd LMS unit in order to keep our beautifully restored GWR ones for use at our new station at Broadway, where they will be more visible to the public.
    Mike S