Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Spot The Difference

Wednesday 3rd June

A brief blog from S & T just to keep the juices flowing!

Neil C (ops manager) has sent me a couple of photos from his recent walk up the line from Far Stanley to Toddington to check on and tidy up lineside cabinets. The one shown below is T1 at Toddington.

Here is the 'before'

And here is the after

Quite an improvement!

Regards - Curly


  1. Magic job Curly. Although a brief blog, any words or pictures are very welcome to those of us still in isolation. I am on the at risk level due to recent cancer surgery and age! so anything from the outside world is welcome. I really need a dose of steam and smoke to perk me up! Thanks again Curly, hope to see you all when trains can run again!!!
    Paul & Marion

  2. All blogs are welcome, thanks Curly. In these uncertain times, I too am on the at risk category due to age and my partner having COPD. How did we manage before the computer?
    Great to hear from you and don't forget to stay safe.
    Regards, Paul.

  3. Hi Curly! Nice to see the revised wiring in the cabinet. I assume the 4.5V power supply is for a track circuit. I seem to remember you said a couple of years ago that you'd have 2 lead acid cells in series (i.e. 2.25V each) - are they in the white box, I wonder?


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