Sunday, 7 June 2020

Excellent Metalwork

Sunday 7th June

And now for something completely different 
which I would like to share. 
In Pershore we have a blacksmith who has constructed some excellent metalwork for various buildings in the town. The one which I am particularly impressed with is a memorial to horses which were used in both world wars. 
The horse in the picture below is almost completely constructed from horseshoes welded together. The attendent soldier is fabricated from sheet metal. Both of these are pretty realistic.

If you are likely to visit Pershore I would recommend a having a look at this in the Abbey Park.
Hope this distraction from railway matters gives a little light relief!

Regards to all



  1. Brilliant work. Thanks for posting.

  2. I'm a bell ringer and in the late '60s I cycled from north Worcester over to Pershore Abbey to ring on a Friday (I think) evening. When you can go into the Abbey, look up and see the "cage" where the ringers go, there used to be a mirror on a table to see the cage in reflection.

  3. Thanks Curly, seen one of these in a town centre before the lockdown, very well made and nice to see horses being remembered for the part they played.
    Paul & Marion


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