Monday, 15 June 2020

Track Circuit Batteries

Monday 15th June

Courtesy of Neil C here is the answer to a previous blog question regarding the "white box" in the lineside cabinet. Inside there are two 2v  25AH cells, a float charging circuit and the track feed resistor.

Having seen a picture of the rails on one of the other blogs there appears to be a good coating of rust - I suspect a bit of running will be required to get the circuits working effectively. 

These are the cells:

Hope you enjoyed this exciting blog! 



  1. The old way of solving rust on rails after they hadn't been used for a while was to drag a brake van along them with the handbrake screwed on - not too hard mind, you didn't want flats on the wheels!

  2. P&O with above mentioned brake van.
    Can you run it after dark!
    Instant YouTube viral video.

  3. Thanks, Curly, for answering my question! I remember Cyclon batteries from years ago - hope these aren't vintage ones!

    1. We fitted our first of these in 2009, charged by a circuit of mine, similar to the Grey Boxes which Kevern now ably produces. Some of these cells have now died, some from being flattened during failure and a couple where the can rotted. Although as Kevern reports elsewhere I recently repurposed some 2011 vintage cells and found that after a steady load 50% discharge they were still comfortably above 2.0V per cell.
      Neil C.


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