Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Cabinet Update

Tuesday 30th June

Hope I'm not overloading you with lineside cabinet stuff, but here's another transformation courtesy of Neil C. 
This is the before and after of the cabinet at signal 25 at Toddington:

All cabinets between Far Stanley and Toddington have now been serviced and painted. So we should have a reliable system when we run. 
All signal box equipment will need to be tested in due course - including the checking of every nut, bolt and split pin, etc - several days work I'm sure. 

No more cabinets for now! 



  1. Ship shape and Gloucester fashion! And don't spoil the ship for ha'peth a tar.

    1. For signals, surely it should be ship shape and Reading fashion?

  2. A very good job so neat and tidy!
    Paul & Marion

  3. You could never overload us with S&T details when any blog is welcome, and it also helps to inform those who think preserved heritage railways are only about steam engines.
    Regards, Paul.

  4. No, very interesting. Then again, I'm also fascinated by culverts! :-) Thanks again for all the time and energy you put into the blog.


  5. The white boxes come off a production line which has been running in my garage for some time now. Based on a design which I originally produced and installed in Goth they are now slowly but surely being rolled out across the rest of the railway.

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