Wednesday, 18 September 2019

More Bracket Work

Tuesday 17th Sept

Again just a small perfectly formed team of 5 at Winchcombe today!
While we are waiting for the welding and machining of the remaining parts to complete the trial assembly of the Btoadway Bracket (need to ensure that everything fits before we dismantle prior to going  vertical on site) - we are going to do some preparatory work sorting out the main parts for another bracket signal which will be constructed to replace the one at Cheltenham which is in need of serious repair.
We have two of the main side assemblies which are about two feet longer than needed

So step forward John P with the large angle grinder to cut off the excess

A bit of searching then to find all the end plates, platform supports, doll clamps and bracing bars - plus a bit of drilling to match up bolt holes

All of these parts will need cleaning and re-painting.. George B has made a start with the priming of some of the smaller parts - the never ending re-conditionimg  of signalling equipment!


PS. I mentioned some time ago that  we were short of block shelf plungers for Broadway Signal Box - - a blog reader has very kindly donated donated three of these to us!   Re-cycling is alive and well - they have come to a good home!


  1. Curly. Signalling work at Broadway seems to have ground to a halt. What is the present expected date that the signalling scheme will be complete and in operation? Can it be done before the start of the 2020 running season?

    1. No, we haven't ground to a halt. There has been quite a lot going on in the background which I haven't reported on yet. The bracket signal erection isn't too far away once we have all the parts for the trial assy at Winchcombe. Cable connections to all the lineside cabinets have now been made and the cable endings in the signal box locking room are now cut to length and ready for the major job of getting all the equipment fitted upstairs. Telephone connections are probably one of the first stages to be completed. I will keep the details of the track circuit stuff for a future blog - but there is a lot of circuitry stuff going on for the grey boxes in the lineside cabinets for the track circuits -watch this space!
      As far as having everything ready and commissioned for the start of 2020 this is unlikely.

  2. Afternoon All, I am enjoying following your progress through this blog wishing I could help out, but I'm afraid I am a little too far away to offer hands on support. However if you need any CAD drawings pulling together I'd be happy to help. Drop me an email @ and we can discuss further. Regards Toby