Thursday, 3 October 2019

A Bit Wet

Tuesday 1st Oct

Not a lot achieved today - a lot of rain somewhat curbed the outside activity.
Carl S went for a bit of woodwork to prepare two "out-of-operation" crosses to fix to the main signal arms of the Broadway bracket.

Most of this could be carried out under cover in the C&W workshop - just needs coat of white paint to finish them off

All the down rods have been cut and welded to length so this completes all the work we need to do on it before it goes vertical.

As far as getting this signal to Broadway is concerned we can now dismantle all the fittings and then wait until transport is arranged - hopefully this will be done by the end of November. By rail or by lorry with hiab? To be decided.

In between showers a bit more progress is made on the next bracket for Cheltenham
 The magdrill is brought out to produce some additional holes to bolt on the four outriggers which will support the wooden platform

This is now dis-assembled for cleaning and painting. A few hours of wire brushing with an angle grinder to remove rust and loose paint

Two brackets have now been fabricated to mount the lamp cases for the call-on arms on the bracket signal. These will attach to the dolls using existing clamps - hope you can make this out here:


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