Wednesday, 11 September 2019

More Painting

Tuesday 10th Sept

A lot on holiday today including the boss so a select band headed off to Toddington to continue with the tidying up of the two starter signals and the replacement of the ground signal spectacle plates.
We arrived at Toddington to be confronted by two huge Allely low loaders bringing Dinmore Manor and its tender back from its holiday on the Dartmouth Railway. Here's the tender being unloaded

Amazingly manoeuverable these machines with the rear wheel steering.

And the tender being eased back out of the way with a post!

Bit of congestion happening as a lorry with trailer turned up with a load of blocks for the new building

Not a lot to report this week - We have cleaned and painted both starter signal posts and their  balance weight arms north of the station. Both bases of these signals have suffered from the ravages of the weather as well so a clean and repaint needed with black gloss

Plus the replacent of the spectacle plates on the ground signals. We are leaving the replacement of the lenses until we have some expert supervision. To do this the backplate has to be taken off which entails disconnecting the linkage to which the detector is attached - we didn't want to risk locking up the points on a running day!



  1. Both the starters look the biz now - just like Ratio ones!!
    Regards, Paul.

  2. Come on Toddington Ted! did you not have a model railway as a child? If not then at the Broadway shop they have some nice OO gauge trains for sale so you could start a model railway now!
    Yes the signal post do look smart and just like the ones on my N gauge model rilway! Another fine job jobbed Curly!
    Paul & Marion

  3. Marvellous. Glad that's all cleared up!