Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Gotherington Auto battery alarm system

Sorry, no pics this time . I think you have perhaps seen enough of us peering into circuit boards and things in-animate.

Just to say that Kevern and I met up on a non running day to start to install another of Keverns magic boxes. It has always been a system weakness that mains failure could go un-noticed until the signalman arrives for duty to find parts of the box system are not working. Then its too late.
This one monitors the various battery voltages at Gotherington so it directly checks that not only are the batteries ok but also that the 240v mains must be on and all the chargers are working correctly.

If the cell voltage on any battery starts to fall outside a set range it will then start a flashing beacon that I mounted under the block-shelf for passing crews to notice and report that there is a fault.

Its pretty bright so perhaps we ought to warn the deer on the hill opposite that they might need sunglasses at night!

Once the battery voltages  have settled down the system will be fully commissioned.

Mike S

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  1. Mike, we can always look forward to any pictures to try to understand the workings of the S&T department! but any report is gratefully received.
    Paul & Marion