Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Getting There

Tuesday 18th July

Just three of us off to Broadway today to progress the fitting of some of the remaining parts to the Signals Numbers 38 and 39 at the north ends of the platforms were first. The penultimate part to fit to number 38 (platform 1 side) was the angle crank which is clamped to the post at the bottom. The down rod which connects the balance weight arm to the spectacle plate at the top still has to be completed (we have the length measurement for it - fine adjustment will be taken up by a screwed adjuster on its lower end)

Then over to number 39 ( these numbers refer to the number of the lever in the signal box - number one starting nearest the door). Now this signal is another kettle of fish and we needed several attempts to fit everything on at the bottom end. Apart from the balance weight arm and the angle crank there is a large bracket on which a ground signal will be mounted:

Once clamped into its preferred position we had a fouling problem with the angle crank - a small corner of the bracket will have to be removed by angle grinder next time - otherwise it all just fits. We measured the length required for this signal's down rod which we will configure back at base.

Meanwhile up above Malcolm is drilling a hole to fix the detector

After lunch we headed southwards to the wooden post south of platform 1 to fit its spectacle plate, ladder, finial and down rod.  The down rod fitted beautifully and was adjusted to show a nice horizontal arm. Here's John P viewed from above making the final tweak

And a view from a distance

A bit more work needed to finish this signal off yet. A trial fitting of the lamp case behind the spectacle plate reveals that we need to make a spacer to bring the lamp lens to align with the centre of the coloured spectacles.

And finally a view of number 38 with the scaffolding removed - bit of a weird angle but I assure you the arm is horizontal!



  1. Excellent progress. The wooden post signal looks fantastic, as do the other two. Signal posts look SO much better in white than NR (and SVR) silver aluminium paint. Regards, Paul.

  2. We are so impressed with the work of S and T. Unsung heroes?

  3. Please don't think I am nit picking but...... I asked previously why the signal aspects at the north end are GREEN when, traditionally, they should be BLUE; and you answered that as LEDs instead of a flame or yellow bulbs were to be used the aspects could be GREEN for a green light....., and then I studied the South end and all the aspects appear to be BLUE! Why please? Regards, Paul.

  4. Most of the spectacle plates that we have re-conditioned have had the spectacles replaced from a batch of circular red and green ones that we had cut for stock. The spectacles in the special plate on the wooden post are a different shape and have been left in their original red and blue condition.

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  6. It seems odd that Malcolm needed to drill holes for the arm repeater contact box. The spindle-bearing casting (G172) and contact box casting (V38) both have holes in them for them to be bolted together - or is the contact box casting one of the old ones without those holes, and made to be screwed to wooden posts?

  7. A problem with alignment I think

    1. Always a possibility. If somebody tells you that all Western signal fittings were interchangeable don't believe a word of it! Finials are a good example, where the bolt holes in them rarely line up with those in the post other than the one it originally came off!

    2. Yes, we've had problems with getting finial holes to line up - luckily with these new signals we have been able to test fit with the posts horizontal before they are installed. Also we have quite a good stock of finials that we can try until we find one that lines up. There is also sometimes a problem with getting the finial stay vertical - one solution is to wrap a piece of signal wire round the post to minimise clearance with the bore of the finial base.

    3. Clever! We've got a miscreant at Bewdley that's like that - I must try your trick! Look, I'm sorry lads but that 3 foot arm on the route-indicating signal looks wrong - because it is! It's one of Railtrack's versions - a four foot arm cut down because they couldn't get the proper type. The white band is too wide and too far from the end of the blade, it seems they cut the other end off and re-drilled the holes to suit. Compare it with the proper versions at the end of the platforms and you'll see what I mean - can't you find another like those?

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