Wednesday, 27 July 2016

More Finishing off

Tuesday 26th July

Four of us at Broadway today with a bit more finishing off to do.
Having now got all the lower tappet blades fitted and everything oiled up we had to make sure the locking frame covers fitted. The top row of 5 weren't a problem because we had already had those fitted at Winchcombe during the trial build.  Because of the height of the complete assembly, space didn't permit this , so now this was the next challenge.

Here's John P trying to get the screws into the tapped holes in the frame - the first one was OK. The next two required filing of the holes to get the screws in. The last one we will have to leave until next week for proper fitting  because it needs 3/8" cutting off one edge  - unfortunately we didn't have the angle grinder with us today!
Here's a view of the completed assembly

I mentioned rigidity in a previous blog - the finishing of this task was to secure the 3 supports at the bottom of the locking frame to the floor. Here is John P drilling to fit the Rawl bolts ( he loves drilling!):

And here's a close up of the support which sits in a cast slipper:

And finally we put the finishing touches to the rabbit-proof fence with some additional timber which should make a pretty effective deterrent to local wildlife which may be looking for residence.       

Then painted and assembled


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