Thursday, 21 July 2016

More bits added

Tuesday 19th July

Just three of us again at Broadway today. Carl S and Keith L had gone off to Cheltenham to strim the growth beyond the signal box.
We had a bit more finishing off to do on the locking trays. Having cleaned and oiled all the slots we re-fitted the upper tappet blades.
At the moment there are 5 locking trays in the upper row and 4 trays in the lower row. Here is John P attaching the blades that fit in the lower row.

And here is the first set completed

The eventual position of these will need to be adjusted when the locking combinations are finalised, and slots for the brass locks cut/adjusted accordingly. Still a bit to do then!

Malcolm carried on with the "Rabbit-proof Fence" for the rodding tunnel. The planks are being painted silver so they match the rest of the supporting structure in the locking room.
A bit hot outside but he persevered, significant shade was difficult to find despite the fir trees:

Even a bit of shade was pretty hot - we found a bit on Platform 1a later on for tea and then had to pack up.
Note that the footbridge is looking pretty magnificent now with its almost completed roof:


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