Friday, 22 July 2016

Recently Refurbished

22nd July 2016

A subject I mentioned recently was the total refurbishment of Cheltenham Racecourse Signal (24/26) in Hunting Butts Cutting. At long last here is a shot of it proudly flanked by Malcolm and Ian.

All the fittings were completely stripped off and the post was de-rusted with wire brushes in angle grinders (you'll have to imagine the scaffolding!). It should have been 3 coats of paint (primer, undercoat and top coat) but rain intervened before  the top coat was fully dry giving it a rather pock-marked appearance so an additional coat of white gloss had to be applied. It looks fine now though.

Some of the fittings were unique to this signal so had to be cleaned, re-painted for further use, others were replaced from S&T stock. Altogether the fittings were numerous - good job Malcolm has a good memory for re-assembly and a head for heights!

The pile of signal fittings we have at our base in Winchcombe  Yard which require re-conditioning never seems to get any smaller!  There are still quite a few signals on the railway that need some of our TLC!


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  1. The signal looks good and so much better than a stack of dummies. Great work. Regards, Paul.