Thursday, 13 May 2021

Jobs Various

 Tuesday 11th May

Two of us in today with a miscellany of small jobs to complete.

Firstly the completion of the replacement lineside cabinet for Toddington. This has now had its black, silver and white paintwork and is looking a lot smarter. John P is fitting plywood inserts to the base and inside back panel - this will provide a much more suitable surface for mounting the electrical equipment and keep unwanted rodents out. 

And with the door fitted

The lockable hatch (access for manual cranking) on the end of the  replacement point motor cover had seized up, so this has been removed and a new hinge pin fitted - now back in place and re-painted

Two of the handrails for the CRC bracket have received their dark grey undercoat

And we have given all the handrail securing threads a clean up and a coating of Copper slip to keep them rust free

A couple of track issues were then to sort out behind the C&W building at Winchcombe. The tie bar which prevents the sleepers  between the FPL and its angle crank from spreading has become unsecured at one end - so a longer coach bolt has been fitted - the original had succumbed to rust. 

Lever 17b in Winchcombe  box which operates the points into the PWay sidings is not operating smoothly so some adjustment to the rodding was necessary. This is achieved with a LH and RH threaded turnbuckle. This particular one has probably been in position since its installation and is well rusted - with brute force the nuts eventually yielded and the turnbuckle given a couple of turns to "shorten" the rodding run.

Thursday 13th

Peter W and Carl S in today. Proposed modification to the operation of the pointwork at Toddington requires additional rodding stooling. So rusted relics need some serious refurbishment! 

These are short of their wheels which currently can't be found - bit more hunting required! 


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