Thursday, 5 December 2019

Winchcombe Signal Refurb Continued

Tuesday 3rd Dec

At least it remained dry today so working outside to do some painting was OK.
But the first objective was to re-assemble all the fittings on the freshly painted signal post No. 4 (Winchcombe platform 2 starter). The crows nest has been cleaned and re-painted with new "creosoted" boards fitted.

Starting at the top, we have to haul these heavy parts up by rope and pulley - heavy lumps. And then finishing at the bottom with the balance weight assembly

Because the ladder is concreted in at the bottom this has to be cleaned and painted in situ - John P starting with rust removal

Job complete at the end of the day - the scaffolding can now be removed (and taken to Broadway next?!)

It just remains to fit new cabling for the light in the lamp casing - this can be carried out from the crows nest in due course. No detector on this signal so wiring is a minimum.

We have now put the undercoat and top coats on the new CRC bracket post - looking a lot tidier now

One of the two remaining pieces to complete the part count for the new Broadway bracket is now complete after machining in the Toddington machine shop. The pivot bracket that holds one of the double balance weight arms - the pivot pin slides in beautifully - a precision fit! Well done the machinist. 


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  1. Well done on the Winchcombe starter, it looks pristine!
    Also, the post for CRC definitely looks 'The Biz'!
    Regards, Paul.