Friday, 13 December 2019

Signal Box Electrics, etc

Tuesday 10th Dec

Work on two fronts today. Neil C and Jim P went off to Broadway to do some preparation for electrical wiring.
While the rest of us remained at Winchcombe to carry on with cleaning and painting.
But first, a quick report on progress at Broadway. In order to carry wiring (tidyly) from  the electric locks and contact boxes trunking has been installed from the lever frame to the connections board:

Progress on the connections board showing external cables terminated, some wiring clips and power distribution holders to lower right :

Batteries, 3-stage chargers and lamp and track circuit charging power supplies powered up

(above pictures courtesy of Neil Carr)

Back at Winchcombe we are re-conditioning a large lineside box which is going to be installed in the yard of Church ward House for outdoor electrics.

Will need a second coat of aluminium paint on the outside surfaces next week, the top to undercoat and then black gloss - inside colour to be decided. It was raining for most of the day so we retreated to the Building Services workshop to find some respite, hope they don't mind us invading their space!

And there are always more Signal parts to sort out. Finials taking centre stage here:



  1. Great! Thanks for the updates, especially at Broadway. Always wonderful to see what is going on S&T side.
    Regards, and a Merry Christmas, Paul.

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