Friday, 28 September 2018

Bolting up and Wire Threading

Tuesday 25th Sept

A record turnout today with 9 of us at Broadway.
The t-bolts that we have been waiting for for ever have now been delivered so we can now do a proper bolting up job on the point rodding. Temporary bolts need removing and replaced with the proper ones - so a great deal of kneeling on the sleepers along platform 2 with the spanners. We need to fit approx 350 of the 500 delivered.

Jim P makes a start working North from the signal box

The four signal wires along platform 2 have all now been threaded through the roller blocks and connected to their respective signals. Here is a close up of the configuration of wires approaching signal 39 (platform 2 starter ) :

The bottom 2 wires feed round the top two pulleys to starter signal for platform 1 and the adjacent ground signal (see next picture), the middle wire goes through a swinging pulley to guide it down to the lower pulley across to platform 1 starter signal and the top wire carries on up north through single pulleys to ground signal no. 14 :

The roller blocks have now been secured at each end of the tubes at the barrow crossing. The wires are guided down under the rollers and now pass neatly through.

Threading the wires continued along platform one side. Here's the first one in up to the direction indicator signal. All four wires will go up to this signal.

I had to leave early again today so a full report on the day's work will have to wait for next week but I guess that all the northbound wires will now have been fitted - could even be pulling a lever next week if Malcolm has finished all the splicing!!

I understand that the signal posts for the advanced starter and outer home signals have been dropped off in their respective positions at the south end of Broadway. Steve and JCB job to be done here.


P S  A parting shot of  the usual culprits in our temporary mess room. Apologies to George and Peter out of shot on the left!


  1. Great work Curly. Looking more and more complete with every blog.
    Regards, Paul.

  2. Forgive me if i'm wrong,but you don't appear to have any point Detection,why is this?

    1. Mechanical detection will only be fitted to the south points for train approach. North points probably won't need it for running round.

    2. All Facing Points with signals reading through them require point detection,whether locked by an FPL or not and without exception

    3. By the IRSE standards, detection for shunt moves is optional with an FPL fitted.

    4. Fair play,does that include main Signals with 3 or 4ft Arms as i under stood these had to be detected which i mean't

  3. Thanks for the update, Curly. Have you got the bits to connect up the thermal compensators yet? Out of interest, are these freshly manufactured or recycled from previous BR/NR use?

  4. Afraid not - dragging on a bit. They are new parts.