Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Same again......

Tuesday 2nd May

Six of us in action again at Winchcombe. A bit more signal preparation work to complete. Since last week the direction indicator signal was extracted from its moorings with the help of the JCB and the Telehandler. (wasn't there to get any pictures of the event). Here it is now lying on its side

The two wooden platforms were looking in need of a bit of preservation, so Jim P set to with a can of creosote. Both platforms have been a favourite stopping off point for the local bird life and were well coated in birdlime - another cleaning job required first

The wooden signal post still needs more fittings positioning. Today's task was to fix the lamp case support bracket. The spectacle plate was mounted first so that the lamp lens could be positioned as closely as possible to the centre of the red spectacle (note that the spectacles are much larger on this signal). Holes then drilled through the post to secure with screwed rodding. John P and Carl S were in charge of this:


We now need to modify a down rod to the correct length to connect the spectacle to the balance weight arm - a cut and weld job to follow.

While we have got the two other signals for Broadway north lying in the yard it was appropriate to make sure that we have finials which fit and  with holes that line up with holes in the post. An  awkward job to do once the posts are in position. These two will need a bit of packing to keep them vertical. Jim P wrestled with this after finishing the creosoting

And of course we all took our turns with the continued cleaning and painting of the point rodding. Now 28 finished and stacked with 2 more almost done. This is going to keep us busy for a few more weeks yet. Well worth the effort though because they will look pretty smart along the edge of Broadway platform for all to see!!




  1. Lovely pics of the signals. - Just out of their Ratio boxes !?!
    Really, they will look great when in their locations. And yes, point rodding DOES matter. To the ones who do not look at such things, I say to them LOOK and admire the infrastructure that goes a long way to making a preserved railway look correct and also makes the items last that much longer. Regards, Paul.

  2. Will the double signal already placed at Broadway need resiting now you are not having a south loop as well as a run round loop?

    1. No , this signal will stay where it is but only the LH arm will be used - the RH arm will be removed (this would be replaced in the event of a south passenger loop happening in the future)

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