Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Quiet Day

Tuesday 30th May

Not a huge amount to report this week. I'm afraid it was back to the cleaning and corrosion protecting  of the point rodding .   Six of use in action. Carl S and Keith L took the first train of the day to Gotherington to clear vegetation from the pathway approach to the station and have a general tidy up.

John P and  Jim P went off to Toddington with some concrete mix on the red  flatbed to plant the 7 and 8 coach stopping markers. They now have smart steel black mounting stakes:

Work then continued with cleaning

And painting:

We are now on the second 5 litre can of Rustoleum and have completed 87 rods. Only another 45 ish to go!  Here's the completed pile so far:



  1. Point rodding protection is very important. It's not Ratio/Wills and benefits from the boring and exhaustive work. Regards, Paul.

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