Monday, 8 May 2017

At Last!

Delighted to be able to say that the Toddington Concetrator is now working fully!

It always did work reliably to the trackside phones but we knew that we had a problem  with low audio level when  a signalman used it to talk from Todd to Winchcombe after much brain searching the problem was down to the design of the new modern transmission bridge. Whilst this coped with calling betwen boxes  the tiny DIL relays did not have enough inductance to  to ensure that the audio went out to line.

The change to  a differently wound relay has done the trick and its now fully working

We will now steadily upgrade the other units that have been installed  and continue with building the final one for Broadway

Mike S

PS We always did have a backup  system via the dial up phones throughout the system


  1. Who said modern technology is great! bring back the Stieger Gear!!!!
    well done Michael and the team, a department of the line with not enough said about the work they do, all we see are the signals on the line nobody realises that the phones and all comms have to be maintained and repaired by some one some where....
    Paul & Marion.

  2. Stieger? Aren't they tractors? Maybe you meant Strowger? ;-)

  3. The system, known as the "step by step system" was developed by Almon B Strowger an American in the late 1800,s.
    He ran an undertaking business and found his competitors wife was the (manual) switchboard operator and was able to pass on leads! So he designed an automatic system which didnt need an operator every time. The systems that we have use 2000 type selectors and were built by AT&E in Liverpool in the 1960s.
    Mike S

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