Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A Day of Mixed Activity

Tuesday 8th

Five of us at Winchcombe today with a range of tasks

John P and Carl S cutting and fixing the planking to form the platform for the
re-conditioned bracket signal which will eventually replace the unit at
Cheltenham Racecourse.

Richard C spent most of the day rubbing down and prime painting a signalman's desk. This
will be part of the furniture for Broadway Signal Box - only undercoat and topcoats to go!
The wood is in very good condition . Not sure where this unit came from though.

Kervern O and Mike S are in the process of upgrading the telephone system and are now
Installing the new Concentrator Unit in Winchcombe Signal Box. There is a considerable
Amount of re-wiring associated with this - quite a task!

Keith L with angle grinder re-conditioning yet another signal part - this time a 20 lb balance weight.
We should have most of the signalling equipment ready for Broadway now.

We all then went off to Broadway to fit the outstanding lever locks and handles to the lever frame. Not much else we can do there now until the box is officially handed over to us. We are poised like coiled springs to get on with it!

Curly C


  1. Broadway now has a stunning signal post,
    With the large lever frame installed in the box will there be any more signals installed?

  2. Yes, the first phase of the signals to be installed will be at the North end of the station.
    These will probably be put in during the summer and before any track and point work is installed so that there is access for the equipment to crane them in (the signal posts are big heavy lumps). There will be 3 signals - one route indicator (a picture of which appears in an earlier blog - it is currently erected in the yard at Winchcombe station). 2 other home signals will control the headshunt for platforms 1 & 2.