Wednesday, 6 April 2016

A Little more progress at Broadway Box

Tuesday 5th April

Three of us from S &T did a bit more work on the Signal Box today. There are 45 mechanical cams to be fitted to each of the levers in the frame downstairs in the locking room. These are fairly heavy lumps requiring two of us to juggle them into a rather restricted space. We decided that 15 of them in one day would suffice.

Theses cams operate the mechanical locking bars which will eventually be fitted in vertically mounted locking trays.

We also delivered the newly refurbished locker - it is very useful already as it houses the S & T tea making equipment!!

Couldn't resist taking a picture of the bridge span being lowered into place- another great part of the station taking place.

Oh and don't forget the matching desk:

Another 15 cams next week!



  1. Can't wait for the rails to arrive! Then it will show the real work behind the scenes.

  2. I hate to be picky, but.....The desk and lockers appear to be sage green. They should be chocolate brown, with cream panels on the locker doors!