Sunday, 7 March 2021

More Fire Works

Notes from the 24th Feb (courtesy of Neil C) 

I think Neil C and Malcolm W, apart from being on a footplate have the next warmest billet on the railway!

Fire has again been lit in Broadway Signal Box and they have forwarded some photos of Malcolm's latest creation - a rather fine cabinet to contain the coal and kindling:

Neil C  has continued with the wiring of the electric locks and wired in the Toddington Block Bell - this was successfully tested the following day thanks to a visit to the box by our colleague George B out on his daily exercise walk.

Malcolm W has fitted a frame to locate a phone in the cabinet by the bracket home signal.

All the lever cams and locking bars in the locking room have been checked to ensure that split pins are fitted and anything that needs oil has been oiled!



  1. But Curly, have you tested the fire with toast,muffins and crumpets yet? As the main man you need to test this aspect of the signal box, it must come under welfare of workers!
    Paul & Marion

  2. Haven't been allowed near it yet!

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