Friday, 19 March 2021

B/way Signal Box Stuff

 Friday 19th March 

(Notes and piccy courtesy of Neil C) 

More progress made with the electrical wiring  in Broadway Signal Box. All the electric locks except the acceptance lever are wired up and working. 

Malcolm W installed the last two locking tray covers and a contact box below signal 8 lock to allow killing of the "one pull" release when signal 8 (section signal) is pulled. 

The block diagram has arrived  and been test fitted to its cabinet. 

Many thanks go to Robin Walker and Kevin Simpson for producing this excellent drawing to depict the Broadway track layout and signalling.  Should look pretty good with its illuminating leds  when it is hoisted to position above the levers. 

Neil refitted the free/locked instrument for lever 13 (it was found to have open circuit coils which have now been repaired.) 

All lever locks now function off their plungers, subject to various electrical conditions. 

Neil C took the opportunity of dry weather to do a bit of housekeeping to clear the pine needles out of the Box gutters. 


(Still experiencing railway withdrawal symptoms - - need to get back and see this stuff first hand!!!) 


  1. It doesn't seem long ago the railway were seeking sponsorship for signal box windows.

  2. Excellent blog. thanks.
    Regards, Paul.

  3. So good to see you got Kevin to do a proper Western-style box diagram for Broadway. Maybe there's an opportunity to get him to bring those in the other boxes up to the same standard? 😉

  4. Thanks Curly, know what you mean, we all need an intake of steam and smoke!!!
    The Broadway Box is begining to really look the business thanks to your teams efforts.
    Paul & Marion

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