Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Brief Note

Wednesday 17th Feb

Neil C and Malcolm W were  at Broadway again today to progress the signal box electrics. 

The block shelf switch has been wired to its relay and the signal repeating instruments wired to signals and tested:

Next, the wiring that will connect up eventually to the illuminated diagram above the block shelf has been fed back through track Circuit repeater relays. 

The anunciator bell has been connected and is working from the home signal approach track circuit and the head shunt track circuit. 

Malcolm has completed stripping, cleaning and oiling all the lever catch handle pins. 

And of course, this must have been one of the best places to work at the moment! Obviously the draw needed testing again! 

I hope I shall be able to see all this good work before too much longer 


(photos and notes courtesy of Neil C) 


  1. Curly, it is important to test the fireplace at every opportunity. Do remember that a full test is only completed on the fire place when toast, crumpets and muffins are cooked on the toasting fork,(this must be part of the fire irons set). The paperwork also needs to be signed off by Head of Department and the "bobbies" also need to be tested on this important task, failure to supply the jam by the bobby is a fail and this will mean a full retest by the examiner!

    Great to see there is life on the line, keep up the good work!
    Paul & Marion

  2. A great job. That fire looks darn good as well.

  3. Scientists from UKFAll and the universities of Glasgow and Manchester and the NHM are looking for a meteorite which is thought to have landed in the area which GWSR runs through. See Link here:


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