Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Broadway Bracket

 Tuesday 27th Oct

Three of us braved the inclement weather today to continue with fitting out the new Broadway bracket signal. 

There is still quite a lot of work to do here, some of which is quite fiddly. Although most of the fittings were assembled on the ground at Winchcombe some while ago, it's a different matter getting it all to fit up in the air with a stiff wind blowing and intermittent rain. I have to say that the highlight of the morning was when P&O stopped on its run round with its chimney opposite us engulfing the signal in steam and grit and a welcome blast of heat! 

Engine approaching:

The first task was to mount the lamp cases on the two dolls

Followed by the lamp case brackets and cases for the call-on arms

Then the fitting of the two upper ladders which give access to the two main arms.

A couple of problems have arisen which will need attention back at base. The bracket holding the down rod guide on the long doll won't reach so a welded extension is required - and the down rod on the short doll just fouls on the platform handrail (a bit of tweaking required). Otherwise apart from the electrical wiring for the lamps the work up top is complete.

But meanwhile down below the main ladder needs support brackets attached to the main post. We have done this by drilling a hole in each side and securing two flat bars with a piece of M12 threaded bar passing through the post. Luckily the holes were in line!

And finally a shot from up top of P&O arriving tender first from Toddington



  1. The bracket is looking wonderful now. A bit like dressing a Christmas tree. The tree looks nothing without the tinsel and ornaments. Well done.
    Regards, Paul.

  2. Thanks Curly, another great report, looking forward to next year when we intend to spend a whole week on the line to update our lack of steam and smoke this year! I will be in touch about the signals request I made last week, my son reminded me that I would need the layout in N gauge to be about 165 feet long!!! So I am having a rethink on that one!
    Paul & Marion

    1. Sounds like a bit of “selective compression“ is called for. Lengths of long empty platform or plain running line can usually be slashed, as long as all the main features are there in the right order!


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