Wednesday, 2 September 2020

More Reconditioning

 Tuesday 1st Sept

Just two of us in today with the boss. A nice day so working outside was a pleasure

An appearance of the tele handler with Neil C after lunch to turn over the "Cheltenham" replacement bracket signal - this to facilitate finish painting of the underside. Still need to purchase four 3metre lengths of substantial planking for the platform but this will probably have to wait for a while now.

The ground signal that was dismantled last week has now received its dark grey undercoat:

And one of the spare fibreglass covers from a point motor has been rubbed down and re-coated silver:

With a socially distanced drinks break! 

A selection of replacement ground signal spectacle plates are being cleaned up from their sorry state ready for a few more years of operation:

And primed ready for the next coat

And John P continues with dismantling and  cleaning of the rescued terminal blocks

That's all the cleaning for today!!

We have been talking about moving up to Broadway before too much longer to mount all the fittings on the new bracket signal. This will need transport and assembly of scaffolding. 
Will be good to see this signal fully equipped and connected. 



  1. Question? Are all BR spectacles painted - I thought some were originally enamelled? (I know the old GWR ones were)

  2. Normally enamelled. Can't spend at the moment so this is back up option!

    1. I get those for the SVR shot-blasted and powder coated by a friendly firm local to me. Just need to spray-paint the red band on them afterwards!

  3. Good progress. It will be nice to see the Broadway bracket completed with all its adornments (bit like a Christmas tree - no good without the decs.)!!
    Regards, Paul.

  4. Curly, is it money you need to get the planks to complete the job? If so how much is needed? Also have you spoken to Aardvark11 about getting them shot blasted and powder coated? might be quicker and cheaper that way. Just an idea, not meant as as criticism.Great to see picyures of the team, need your teams work to keep the line running! Thanks for your efforts.
    Paul & Marion

  5. I'd be interested in helping out a bit with the funding; locomotives leave me somewhat cold, the infrastructure has always been my first love! particularly the drains... :-)


  6. I have a small sawmill. What thickness do you require, could give you a price. Various tree species available. I would recommend sweet chestnut. Hard wearing and cost effective.

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