Thursday, 23 January 2020

More Restoration

Tuesday 21st Jan

Two activities today with one group off to CRC in the diesel railcar to renovate yet another signal. This time it is the outer home signal. They disappeared on their mission with the trailer loaded with scaffolding. A generator also needed to power the angle grinders to clean up the post once all the fittings have been removed. We will have enough re-conditioned fittings to replace them once the post has been re-painted.
Neil C, Carl S, John P, Keith L and Peter W went on this mission leaving Malcolm W, George B and yours truly behind. No photos of CRC I'm afraid.

So, back at Winchcombe we started the clean up of the two lineside cabinets that we retrieved from the Gretton area following the re-cabling there. These are going to re-sited between Greet Tunnel and Winchcombe Station where we are currently suffering some embankment slippage. The existing cabinets here are being pushed over by the encroaching 'mush'. Also the concrete cable troughing is being pushed out of alignment. So some cable alterations and cabinet re-positioning are to be carried out. Contractors are currently sorting out this problem.

And two lids

These are in surprisingly good condition apart from a bit of rottem wood round the bottom, so a good clean up with the angle grinder and wire brush and we're ready for paint. George attacking number two :

They will be mounted on two lengths of point rodding to raise them off the ground-this should overcome any further deterioration of the woodwork.

Finally, the CRC post has now been returned to the yard after the welding of the base plate and webs by Carriage and Wagon next door. Now got some primer and undercoat on:

More Painting next week.



  1. Curley, these S & T details are good to see. It is surprising the uses that have been made for point "rodding"; and not just on the railways!
    Powli Wilson

  2. Good to see the lesser reported things get a write up. much obliged.
    Regards, Paul.

  3. Will the Broadway signal box be operational by March?

  4. There is no straightforward answer to this. The short answer is no. It is most likely to be ready for the beginning of the 2021 season. Until platform 2 has been finished and tarmaced and is in use there is no requirement to have the box working. We still have a significant amount work to do in the box and it will have to be commissioned out of season. The availability of signalmen to man this box may also be an issue this coming season. So bear with us while we continue on this exciting journey!!

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