Tuesday, 16 October 2018


Tuesday 16th Oct

Not a lot to report today.
Four of us at Broadway to produce the concrete blocks for the compensators.
With the compensators now finally lined up with the point rodding, they were removed together with their mounting plates to give access for the pouring of concrete, and being careful not to disturb the mounting frame which will be secured in the concrete.

We then proceeded to pour endless barrow loads of concrete (John P on the mixer up on platform 2) - approx 36 loads to fill the two holes up to within 2" of the top of the  c-channel (to enable nuts to be fitted from underneath).

These blocks need to be pretty substantial to prevent movement.

Then the mounting plates were re-positioned to ensure that all holes still aligned:

Drilling of the mounting holes for the compensators will be done next week once the concrete has set. This should hopefully bring the rodding saga to a close!



  1. Great stuff - nice to see the points control nearly complete. I would think that ALL the concrete blocks holding cranks and the compensators need to be pretty substantial to prevent unwanted movement when the rods are pushed or pulled (either by hand or thermal expansion/contraction).

  2. Very good job chaps you couldn't have had the best weather to work in.

  3. Winter seems to be coming on very quickly. Getting thee concreting done now whilst it is relatively dry still is a good idea.
    Nice to see the point rodding work so close now.
    Well done to you all.
    Regards, Paul.