Monday, 15 October 2018

A Good Wet Workout

Monday 15th Oct

An extra day today to take advantage of a train-free line to unload cable troughing - six of us braved the rain.

The class 73 had two objectives today once it had retrieved the two bogie flats from Broadway North siding - the empty one is destined for Stanway where PWay need it for loading a significant number of scrap/surplus rails which will be   transported  Winchcombe for sorting.
The second one has about 300 of the stored concrete cable troughs on it.

After a bit of shunting the empty one was despatched to Stanway and the other lined up just past Evesham Road Bridge - we gradually worked our way up to Childswickham Bridge unloading the troughs and placing them in their approx positions. There will still be a fair bit of work to level and align them. They will not be buried.

And looking south along the caravan site fence past the goods shed - a total of 300 offloaded up to Childswickham Bridge.

All rather soggy - it rained all day.  The next phase will have to wait for better weather!

And for a bit of respite lever 3 was pulled off in the box and I walked up in the drizzle to take a picture of the route indicating into  platform 2 - looks OK to me as UP M! !


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  1. All looking rather good, (despite the weather)!
    I suppose 'UP M' will be altered to 'UP L'
    Regards, Paul.