Thursday, 12 July 2018

Stool Report

Thursday 12th July

Just two of us at Broadway today. I couldn't make Tuesday this week where the main team continued with the digging in and concreting of the rodding stools. Only 10 more now needed to reach the North end of platform 2.
Spent today removing the shuttering from the ones so far concreted and tidying up the ballast round them.

And fitting the remainder of our stock of zinc painted rodding. 
Will now have to bring up another load from our Winchcombe stockpile. 
Tried pulling the levers to see how it all moves so far - surprisingly free moving. 

Meanwhile back in the box thought it time to practice with a few more levers and check their locking sequence. So with the approach of the DMU here are the levers set for the signals (yet to be installed of course!) for the approach to Broadway from Toddington.

Lever nearest camera (red) is the home signal into platform 1, next is the outer home (red), third from camera (yellow) is the motor operated distant and finally the acceptance lever (red top, brown bottom) - sorry the colours aren't very clear.

 A separate concrete block has been installed to support a "swinger" pulley to guide the signal wire more effectively onto the wheel which feeds the wire under the track to the wooden post signal.

And that's all for this week. We now need to modify the end of the platform 2 North end ramp to allow the rodding runs to pass through - a bit of stone cutting  will be required 



  1. You need to get the black paint out! The spring box at the bottom of the catch rods are black - and so should the levers be in that vicinity, not the functional lever colour. Presumably the levers were painted before the spring boxes were fitted?

    1. Will have to get out the brushes again then!
      The levers and catch lever assemblies were painted separately and attempts to match up the black bits may have looked a bit un-matched is my only excuse!

  2. Very interesting Curly. Not come across an acceptance lever before. Any chance you can explain? as I don't have a block signalling book now.
    Regards, Paul.

    1. It gives permission for single line working - ie it protects the line and replaces the token system.

  3. Curly - I was wondering: are there significant changes to be done at the Toddington signal box to accommodate Broadway coming into service? I assume there will have to be an "acceptance lever" to complement that at Broadway, for a start?

    1. The same system is in use on the Severn Valley Railway between Kidderminster and Bewdley South. Acceptance Levers in each box and full track circuiting of the single line between them. When one of the boxes accepts a train the signalman there reverses his Acceptance Lever which releases the Section Signal at the box at the other end of the section. It also prevents the signalman at that end reversing his Acceptance Lever - in the same way as taking a Token out at one end where Token working is in use prevents another being taken out until the first one has been replaced.