Friday, 19 August 2016

Troughing makes you hungry!


Four of us spent a sweltering day at Broadway to try and finish off the re-stacking of the concrete cable troughs and lids. Here's a close up (including a bit of my finger!) of one of the troughs with a lid:

They are three feet long. By the end of the day there were a grand total of 38 pallets re-loaded with 25 troughs and lids on each - by my reckoning this will give us cable protection over a distance of 950 yards - more than enough for the initial phase southwards from the station.

John P taking a well earned rest surveying the results of the day's effort:

All these pallets are now ready for moving to their next storage position on platform 2 ready for use - so that the track bed at the north end of the site is now significantly cleared ready for ballasting.

And that is about all that S&T can do on the signalling front at Broadway for the time being.

A comment I must make is regarding the number of interested visitors that come up the drive on a Tuesday to see what is going on . I spoke to a couple from Crewe  who were staying at the caravan site opposite who were extremely complementary. I'm not sure if they had heard of our President Pete Waterman but I did a bit of name dropping!


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  1. In September's edition of the four counties magazine, there are photos of Banbury North signal box which is scheduled to be demolished. It mentions you can book a free tour up until 2nd October by going to:- . Booking slots are going quickly. I thought it was going to be preserved by local people.