Thursday, 12 March 2020

A Quiet Day

Tuesday 10th March

Only four in today - quite a contrast to last week, so an opportunity to crack on with a few jobs in Winchcombe yard.
One of which was to move the preassembly of the CRC bracket signal along a bit.
Because we are using a cut down section of the main structure a new plate needs fixing to it for attaching the support strut.
Malcolm sets to with the hole drilling:

The support strut positioned after some adjustment to get the clamp casting seated correctly on the post.

The two dolls were then put in place so that the fittings can be positioned to determine the lengths of the down rods - but that will have to wait until next week

(the dolls are actually parallel - the direction of shot seems to have given the wrong impression!)

Today's other task was to re-assemble a crows nest now that it's component parts have been repainted. We only have one other spare one so this will be a welcome addition to our stock ready for the re-furb of the next signal.
To make life easier for fitting new boards we have bolted it to a post which currently holds up a lean to by the MSC shed.

Carl S is doing the woodwork

The final bolting down of the boards will be done next week - we have left them soaking in a bath of creosote to give them a better life expectancy.



  1. The bracket is looking good.
    Regards, Paul.

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